14 August 2019

Pork Crackling Low & Slow BBQ (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

I'm still working out like a crazy person trying to get the remainder of the muscles in my thigh and around my knee to grow enough to walk and drive for a longer amount of time. Specialist operations on anything can be tough to recover from, but recover we must. As I do weights at the gym three or four times a week and cardio for three days I'm big on protein at the moment. My stomach has gone down quite a lot, so after my weights on Sunday I struggled to fit in my Mixed Grill during a family pub meal.

Asides the big tuna sandwiches I usually eat after weight lifting, I also eat lots of boiled eggs and the odd packet of pork crackling now and then. Although this Pork Crackling Low & Slow BBQ flavour, produced by The Snaffling Pig Co., has a lot of fat in it (which is still good for our diet), it has 21.95g of protein in a 50g bag. This in my opinion is ideal for mending tired muscles, if not so much for my slowly decreasing waist size. That's what the crazy burnouts of cardio the next day are for, as they help burn calories for hours after exercise. My surgeon said that there is research that proves weights one day and then cardio the next is good for you, just as long as you have at least one day of rest a week. The results prove it as I've lost over a stone safely in the last two or so months, and gained a lot of muscle mass at the same time, which is also pretty heavy in itself.

On opening the packet of these Pork Crackling Low & Slow BBQ flavour there was the expected salty whiff of pork crackling and a spicy slightly smokiness at the back of the aroma. These slightly orange paprika coloured nuggets of pork crackling have a decent crunch. They're not too hard to break my teeth, which will please my dentist. Pork Crackling Low & Slow BBQ flavour have a salty pork taste to begin with, followed by a mild chilli spice from the cayenne and paprika, as well as a hint of smokiness into the aftertaste. I certainly enjoyed the packet and dipped the odd pork crackling nugget into some apple sauce on the side, which also went well with the slightly spicy smoky BBQ flavour too.

Information on the packet;
The 50g bag contains 47.5g of fat per 100g, with 0.3g of sugar, 1.24g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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