18 August 2019

Salzburg - Nuii ice cream and holiday snaps (@NLi10)

One of my ideas for my two week holiday in Europe was to film loads and put up mini reviews on YouTube.  Most places that would have really been quite boring for both of us - but Salzburg would have been fine.

Here are some lovely Brezen/Pretzels for you to eat if you don't mind that there are wasps on almost all of them.  Yum!

As it was stupidly hot (for an Englisher - for the locals it was almost 10 degrees hotter the previous week!) I went for an icecream instead.

This one is basically and almond Magnum.  I shall procede to hold it up in front of tourist hot-spots.

This is the castle from the last review but a lot closer.

This is the entrance to the funicular that takes you up to the castle without effort.  If you buy a Salzburg pass then go right as you get inside the door you can skip the ticket queue and get right on up!

I'm saving that for tomorrow (although this review is going up almost a month to the day afterwards!) so here is a nice view of the cobbled streets that lead you up the back - free - way.  No one is daft enough to wander up in this heat though right?

Up we go! Every angle in Salzburg is very pretty.

And for those of you who have seen The Sound OF Music - this is the exact gate that Maria comes out of at a key part with her suitcase.  Apparently - I've not seen it properly yet... They had to cut a hole in the bars in the gate to get the shot - it's in the final edit but you don't notice it.  Eavesdropping on the American tour groups is great!

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