5 August 2019

Swizzels Love Heart Ice Lollies (Asda) By @Cinabar

Our freezer is at a critical point, its not broken but it is so full that the idea of fitting anything else in is now a pipe dream. The only solution is of course to eat some of the contents and following another hot (but this time muggy) day I though I’d try out some of the fab ice creams and lollies I have stashed away in there. These Swizzels Love Heart Ice Lollies were top of my pile, they are a fruity ice pop with four stacked flavours. They also have a message on the stick, in honour of the message you find on Love Hearts sweets. It reminded me of the jokes you used to get on ice lolly sticks when I was a kid, a tradition which seems to have disappeared at some point.
So there are four colours on the Swizzels Love Heart Ice Lollies and I started at the top, and gave the pink a try. I’m not sure I could honestly tell you the fruit it was representing (which is true on Love Heart sweets too) but I can tell you it was unexpectedly sour. The flavour was zingy and sharp and it was quite a surprise to the taste buds. There wasn’t much of a sugary kick, just a acidic flavour. I tried the other flavours and they too were all sour, less so than the pink, but again I couldn’t distinguish any specific fruit. They also didn’t particularly remind me of Love Hearts, but I do acknowledge that both items are zingy. So this all sounds a bit negative but I have to correct that because I did actually like them. I found the strong sharp flavours rather refreshing, once I’d got used to them, and on a hot muggy day it was just what I needed if not necessarily what I had expected.


Unknown said...

I had 4 boxes for a kids party ont one stick had a message on very disappointed as that's why I got them

cinabar said...

oh no - that is poor! Love hearts are all about the writing!