10 August 2019

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Liqueur Lemonade (Asda) By @SpectreUK

I have written about a couple of Jack Daniel's drinks before, which were the Tennessee Cider and also the Lynchburg Lemonade. As far as I can remember I did like them both, so I'm fairly confident with this Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Liqueur Lemonade. I'm especially confident as I rather like alcoholic honey drinks such as meed and other honey liqueurs. Of course I may have a sweet tooth where booze is concerned, especially mixed with room temperature lemonade. I don't want ice with my honey liqueur. I want to be able to taste it in amongst all those zesty bubbles!

This Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Liqueur Lemonade had a pretty cheerful fizz on opening. It smelt of Jack Daniel's (funny story there) and sweet honey, as well as lemonade at the back of the aroma. Bright gold in colour this lemonade has quite a bite to it. The Jack Daniel's flavour is stronger here than the other two drinks I've tried. So much so I wasn't so keen on it's kick. The sweetness from the honey comes next in the flavour, mixing well with the zest of the lemonade and its bubbles, which combined with the 5% volume strength of the liqueur tickled my nose a little. In a straight up food (well, drink) fight I'd pick the Lynchburg Lemonade with it's added tangy Triple Sec over this one, or more likely the cider if I could find another can of it somewhere. Nevertheless, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Liqueur Lemonade is a good drink possibly more for Jack Daniel's lovers rather than perhaps other lemonade and honey liqueur lovers like myself.

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