21 August 2019

Galaxy White Chocolate Chunk Cookies (By @SpectreUK)

I do enjoy a white hot chocolate drink every night after dinner. I used to have a black coffee, but found for some reason the caffeine at that time can give me nightmares. I like to eat some sort of chocolate bar or biscuits for desert, rather than a cake or something fairly healthy. I save the fruit for the daytime, pudding is supposed to be a treat. Having said that, I am quite partial to melons for breakfast, but enough said about that!

These Galaxy White Chocolate Chunk Cookies have recently been brought out by Mars Wrigley Confectionery. I've never seen Galaxy white chocolate before, so I'm intrigued as to what it will taste like, especially in cookies, which are usually a favourite biscuit of mine… well most biscuits are favourites of mine to be honest.

On opening the packet the smell of baked cookies and white chocolate filled my nostrils with a tantalising aroma. As you can see from the photograph, I was kind of hoping that for 114 calories these Galaxy White Chocolate Chunk Cookies would be a little bigger. There are eight cookies in the packet and I realised that as I'm trying to keep weight off my slowly decreasing tummy I'd have to share these. I don't want them to go soft, but I was hoping for maybe four so I could have two each day. Call me "selfish" (because I am, oh, and greedy… which doesn't help with the weight loss!), but I don't like sharing good food!

On taste these Galaxy White Chocolate Chunk Cookies are sublime. It's going to be very difficult to let some of these go to Cinabar and her mom. I am going to the gym tomorrow, so I can at least have more of them for pudding tomorrow night. These cookies have a decent crunch, melt in the mouth texture and the creamy white chocolate is just begging to be made into a chocolate bar. Go on Mars Wrigley, you know you want to make me one!

Information on the packet;
The 180g packet contains 114 calories per 22.5g cookie, with 5.9g of fat, 7.3g of sugar and 0.1g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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