30 August 2019

4 Mer-Mazing Cones (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

4 Mer-Mazing Cones (Co-Op)

If it isn’t unicorns or llamas it is mermaids. These current in themes kind of work for decorated items, think mermaids and unicorns on back to school pencil cases, I’d be okay if they left it there. I know these are the “in” things at the minute. I get confused how this translates to food though and to be honest food manufacturers seem to have the same problem. When I was in the Co-Op this box of Mer-Mazing Cones caught my eye, it is vey pretty packaging and is pretty much advertising mermaid flavoured ice creams which was weird enough to make me pick them up. In Co-Op terms though this flavour translates to bubblegum, I have no idea how but I’m thinking I don’t think I could have come up with anything better or less random.

Out of the wrappers the cones are prettier still, the ice cream colours are of the sea and look very smart and marbled. There are sugar decorations that look like little pearls and the dark cone is very dramatic. The taste is as you could guess very sweet, the flavour of bubblegum is quite in your face but you get used to it as you munch. The sugar decorations feel more like wafers and they have a very light texture, and the cone itself adds an unexpected hit of chocolate, which I liked. The bubblegum sauce is where the strength of the flavour is, but it grew on me. I’m actually looking forward to the rest of the ice creams.
If I stop and try to work out how mermaids and bubblegum are related then these Mer-Mazing Cones annoy me, when I can let that go I think these are well decorated tasty treats.

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