6 August 2019

Milky Way Delights (Available at B&M) By @Cinabar

This is new product from Mars is a multi use product known as Milky Way Delights. It is a powder that tastes of Milky Way chocolate and can be used to make mousse, ice cream, milkshake or a dessert sauce. The recipes are on the back of the bag, and the difference seems to be around the amount of powder you add to milk. We decided to try out the mousse element of this packet first, as we thought it would make a nice dessert. I got the whisk, the bowls, and the milk out.

My first confession is that it suggestions using 55g grams of product for 200ml of milk, and although I measured the milk I guessed on the powder. There is 165g in the bag so I used about a third, which seemed sensible.

It also meant I have enough powder to make some of the other options, so I think milkshakes will be up next. The mousse was whisked for 3 minutes, and then put into bowls to set.

It recommends chilling for at least an hour, but less than 24 hours before eating. We gave it around 2 hours in the fridge and I was really pleased that the bowls had set well, and the dessert looked lovely and bubbly. The flavour is sweet and chocolatey, but it isn’t too strong a flavour. There is a sweetness reminiscent of the chocolate bar and I thought it made a quick tasty dessert. I also like the nostalgia of my childhood when my mum would make instant whip when I was a kid.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other options that come with Milky Way Delights and I was pleased that there was enough left in the bag to make a few more goodies. This is something it is worth having in the cupboard for a quick dessert or treat.

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