23 August 2019

Jammie Dodgers – Jam & Yoghurt Snacks (Tesco) By @Cinabar

It think it is fair to say I expected to dislike these Jammie Dodgers – Jam & Yoghurt Snacks. They struck me as a new product that wasn’t particularly related to the original. Yes they have jam, but the biscuit has changed format and shape and they have also added yoghurt to the filling. I guess they just seemed quite distanced from the original product, and frankly nobody should mess with the formula that makes a Jammie Dodger, it is a British icon after all. These aren’t replacing the traditional product they are just an extra product. The thing I do like about them is that they are packed in pairs, which means good portion control, an ability to put them in lunch boxes and the others stay fresh even after the box is open.

I was disappointed when I opened the box as the packets are quite small, I know you don’t get much for 96 calories. Inside the wrapper were were two thin biscuits with a pattern decorated on the top, and filling of jam and you could see some yoghurt hiding between the sides. I gave one a try and immediately loved them. The biscuit is thin and crispy, but did taste like Jammie Dodger biscuits. The jam really made the flavour too, the yoghurt was a bit more lost but these were such tasty treats that I just really loved them. I wouldn’t want to replace my regular biscuits with these but as a lighter alternative I’m more than happy with these.

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