12 August 2019

Marmite Crunchy Peanut Butter (Asda) By @Cinabar

As curious combinations go I think this nails it. I like Marmite, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the stuff but there is something lovely about a slice of toast and Marmite served on the side of a bowl of hot tomato soup. I like strong flavours. I like peanut butter too, but here I have a confession, I like it a an accompaniment to sweet things, think peanut butter and banana sandwich… mmm….
This jar has been on the shelf for a couple of weeks which never usually happens when I have an exciting Foodstuff Find, but I think I was a little scared of the jar and wasn’t sure what to expect. I blame Papa John’s Marmite Dough Balls as they were too strong for me and out me off Marmite in general for a bit.
I finally got round to opening the jar at breakfast and was a little surprised by how wet the the contents were, it was a little glossy. I did stir it a bit with a knife to see if it had separated in the warmth, but it was the same texture through and through. There was minimal aroma, just a light nutty scent. I put some on bread and dug in, well after staring at it for a while and realising there was nobody else in the house who would go first. Okay so initial reaction is the this is really nice. Unexpectedly so. The texture is good because they is a crunchy peanut butter with plenty of big pieces of nut. The flavours are not too strong at all, the peanut butter is the dominant taste and the marmite undertones work with it perfectly. The Marmite is still strong, but it is well balanced and it actually makes a fab combination. Who knew, I really should have opened this sooner.

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