28 August 2019

Wild West Original Beef Jerky (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

This Wild West Original Beef Jerky has a "New Recipe". It says so on the packet. I'm probably reading too much into this, but I'm now not sure about the definition of "Original" in the title of this product. How can an "Original" flavour have a "New Recipe"? Also in my humble opinion; "Original" should mean "Original" flavour from way… way back in the Wild West when John Wayne was getting off his horse to drink his milk and shoot bad guys. So how can you have a "New Recipe" for an "Original" recipe and also "Legendary flavour" from the Wild West? Alternatively if it's the "Original" beef jerky from back in the Wild West and it had a "New Recipe" then, how come it's still in date? Pretty good shelf life…

It confused me even more when I flipped over the packet to find these "Wild West" Silverside steaks were marinated, smoked and cooked in the Scottish Highlands! Anyway… on opening the packet I have to say that these crisp sized flattened pieces of steak smelt divine. There was a juicy sweet and smoky barbecue smell from the open bag. I couldn't stop taking a whiff of them at first, and then I realised that I had to taste them. They are a little chewy to start with, but that should probably be expected from beef jerky. They have a strong smoky flavour to start with, and then the sweet barbecue marinade kicks in during the mouthwatering chewing of these beef jerky. I was certainly happy to have been to the gym in order to finish off these Original Beef Jerky with a New Recipe from the Wild West way over yonder in the Scottish Highlands!

Information on the packet;
This 70g packet contains 315 calories per 100g, 3.5g of fat, 20.6g of sugar, 3.6g of salt, and 37.8g of protein for those who are trying to fix their muscles after a workout at the gym (like me). Please see photograph for the ingredients.

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