4 August 2019

Kinder Cards - not collectable, but delectable (@NLi10)

Kinder make things with surprises in them.  In this case the surprise is that there is no surprise.  Kinder cards do not contain any collectable cards or toys!

You get 5 packs of 2 'cards' in a box for about 2 Euro - I got these in Munich Germany.

And they are all very nicely presented so that your kinder (me) can have them with their lunch (for breakfast) 

So what are they? Unusually it's not trying to be chocolate - it's two wafer style things with some goo in the middle.

And it's quite delicious.

Like a kinder Beuno without quite so much goo and with both colours in the centre you get a fun mix of things that won't melt and will satisfy.  You need to eat both biscuits to be happy, but still at 40c a portion it's not really that bad.

You may be able to find them in the import Supermarkets in the UK, but it's not really hot enough to need something like this that survives well.

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