14 August 2020

McVities VIB – Luscious Blood Orange Biscuits (Asda) By @cinabar

McVities VIB – Luscious Blood Orange Biscuits

McVities biscuits are pretty much a go-to standard in the UK, and although they have different varieties out over the years they aren’t usually seen as something special. Don’t get me wrong everyone loves them but if you are going to buy biscuits as a gift you go for box of something posh. These are new from McVities and are called VIB, which stands for Very Important Biscuits apparently. These ones are flavoured with Luscious Blood Orange which sounded lovely and admittedly quite posh. The packaging is super shiny too, so loos over pretty. Not the easiest thing to photograph though I did my best.

The McVities VIB Luscious Blood Orange Biscuits look like regular Digestives and didn’t have much aroma. I bit into one and was expecting the crunch and split but I got the crunch and then the realisation that the sticky caramel remained and that they were and they were a little bit sticky before they broke up. I’m normally a fan of texture but I didn’t like it, it wasn’t a satisfying bite. It is a shame because I really enjoyed the flavour, the orange was quite zingy and was a lovely mix with the chocolate and biscuit. Taste wise spot on, texture wise they didn’t work for me.

McVities VIB – Luscious Blood Orange Biscuits

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Anonymous said...

These would be perfect if they were covered with dark chocolate rather than milk - just a persnal preference.