13 August 2020

Strawberry Cheesecake Flipz - the sweeeeetest version yet? (@NLi10)


We have talked about Flipz before

But we will talk about them again because they are great.

A sublime balance between the childishness of sweet things, and the adultness of salty beer snacks.  They feel like an expensive import but show up in fairly ordinary places (these were from a garden centre).

Today's twist is strawberry cheesecake, which tastes a lot like 'frosting' and has a purple tinge so you don't get confused and think you are eating unicorn Flipz or something.

66% sugar coating is a lot less Pretzel than I'd like, but these are a snack to have a few of, not a whole bag at a time like the more sedate dark flavours.

Both giftable and snackable they fall in the perfect slot for a little indulgence but not too much.

And these ones do taste of strawberry cheesecake - and because the bag has sat open in our fridge for a few days the whole fridge smells delightful!

One for children, both actual and inner.

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