1 August 2020

Wolpertinger Weiss Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Wolpertinger Weiss Beer

There is a bizarre looking creature on the front of this yellow can. It's Fierce Beer's idea of what the mythical beast that resides in the alpine forests in Bavaria may look like. I guess it's a Bavarian Bigfoot. Wolpertinger Weiss is a 5% volume traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen. It was brewed with British Malts and also 50% wheat malt and yeast strain originating in Munich, which worryingly creates a banana and clove esters flavour. I'm not keen on banana in beer, or banana in anything else come to think of it. I just think the flavour of banana can overpower whatever it is used to flavour, and don't get me started on cooked banana… blaargh! However I do eat bananas, in fact one a day with my lunch if we have any in the house. I used to have one for breakfast, but I work out so much every morning that I ended up piling my breakfast in with my lunch!

It's been a super hot day today, so I'm looking for something to cool me down a little for gaming online later this evening. I'm also hoping whatever banana flavour this can of beer may contain, won't dampen my spirits. On opening the can I had to be quick and shove the opening into my mouth before the over excitable beer ended up all over the floor. This hazy deep golden beer poured with almost no head, which I find a little disturbing as an ex-barman. Been as though I'd already tasted it, I forget to give it a good sniff on pouring. Once I'd reminded myself, I found this beer has a wheaty yeasty aroma. On taste there is a jumble of flavours from the wheat, the sweet malts, the herbal almost floral bitter hops, and yes, there is a flavour reminiscent of bananas in with the bitterness from the hops. It's real hard bite of a banana bitter hoppy flavour too and right in the centre of each mouthful. However this jumble of flavours worked really well together to create a flavoursome mishmash of refreshing lip smacking strangely juicy tasty fun. I'd have one or more of these again… no problem!

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