30 August 2020

Maravilla Raspberry PReserve - Single Variety Co. (@NLi10)

I've been relying on a lot of food presents recently for reviews - and some of them are new to me luxury brands like today's Maravilla Raspberry Preserve by the Single Variety Co.  This was picked up from "Worcestershire's Biggest Tourist Attraction" Webbs of Wychbold farm shop. 

Prior to this I'd not heard of Maravilla (which is fine, because neither had auto-correct) and according to singlepreserve.co.uk it's a kind of British Raspberry. So now we know!

They make a small batch with no supernatural ingredients and once it's gone for the year - its gone!

£5 for a jar of jam seems quite expensive so lets try it in a suitably decadent way.

Scones again! Naturally I spread it after the Instagram shots, but me & Mr. Tickle are all about those social engagements.

And it's luxury.  Putting this on anything less than artisan loaves (tried it - awesome) and scones would be heresy.  It's fruity and flavourful, and it's sweet but not overpoweringly so.  If you were looking for a flavour definition for raspberry jam then this would be it.  And as raspberry jam is my favourite then this is a pretty exciting treat. 

I'm definitely going to find some of that good clotted cream and some freshly baked scones to do this properly.  This is the kind of Jam that gives you the confidence that a cafe knows what they are doing.

Another great winner of the great taste award sticker and one that's worth the occasional treat.


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