7 August 2020

Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint Banana (Japan via Amazon UK) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint Banana

I think I have said in previous post that I have been looking online for interesting snacks more since the lockdown and it turns out there are quite a few things available on Amazon UK. I had a check for Japanese Kit Kats and ended up paying (on the high side) for a box of Japanese mixed Kit Kats. In case you don’t know Japan gets all the best Kit Kat flavours, they are big fans of the chocolate bar and the creativity of their varieties is rather impressive. Thankfully this box had a list in English of what the Kit Kats are so you check the wrapper against the document and find out what flavour you are trying. I’m looking forward to growing my Japanese Kit Kat flavours reviews on the blog and will dip in every so often with a new weird one. 

Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint Banana

I started with the one I felt was the cutest, and I assumed was originally released as an easter treat; Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint. The document simply described it as ‘banana’ which isn’t particularly seasonal. The bar is a small fun-size twin stick pack. Inside the pretty packaging the Kit Kat is a pale cream in colour and has a simple sweet aroma. The flavour is quite full on banana and it is ever so creamy. I wonder whether this is supposed to be a banana milk shake flavour as it has such a smooth taste. It could be just the white chocolate but the creamy sweet banana is a very soothing mini bar. I have to say I know they bars were overpriced because they are an import from Japan but the parcel has made me happy and I can’t wait to see what other treasures there are in the box.

Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint Banana


Casey B said...

Thank you for the interesting review. The reason why the Japanese are such big fans of Kit Kat chocolate is because the phrase 'Kit Kat' is similar to the Japanese for 'lucky bar'. Nestlé capitalised on that, and now they have a monopoly on all the best Kit Kat flavours. (I gleaned this from watching 'Paul Hollywood Eats Japan' a few months ago.)

Looking forward to seeing the other ones!

Take care,


cinabar said...

Casey B - Thank you for that, really interesting. :-) I shouldn't complain at Kit Kat too much we have had quite a few good varieties in the UK too. :-)