28 August 2020

Lotus Biscuits - Vanilla Cream (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Earlier in the week Spectre wrote about Lotus Biscuits with a Biscoff Cream. He enjoyed the biscuits but when I discovered another new variant I couldn’t wait to try these ones out myself. Don’t worry Spectre had his own packet of these vanilla ones too, I do look after him. I have lots of favourite things, but when it comes to biscuits Lotus biscuits are very much up there. I love spices and so these ones with a cup of coffee are one of my go to brands. Seeing a new variety with a vanilla cream sounded spot on. 

The biscuits consist of two caramelised spice biscuits with a vanilla cream in the middle. The two piece of biscuits with a soft layer do have a nice texture when you bite in, and I liked the creamy sweet filling. I think these are more stable for dunking in coffee too which is a bonus. These get a thumbs up from me, a nice spicy treat with a nice new creamy texture and filling.


zeddy said...

I thought the Biscoff filling variety to be better than these ones.
In fact I'd have a custard cream over these ones.

cinabar said...

Spectre has tried both and preferred the vanilla ones... he has a sweet tooth! :-D