20 August 2020

Pringles Rice Fusion - Japanese Katsu Curry flavour (@NLi10)

Pringles are honestly the worst thing in the world to review because it's always the same pictures - with slightly different dust.  These are the rice fusion Pringles which if you've not tried are a slight texture change to the original Pringles.

And they are often on sale because the unusual flavours are scary.  The red thai ones were ace - lets see if these are too.

Oh - the excitement!

This dust does have more visible 'bits' in it which adds some colour.

They smell a bit like the Japanese gravy/curry that is katsu - and they taste a lot like it too.  Maybe not quite rich enough to be convincing, but it's definitley as close as I think you could get with a little disk instead of crispy pork or chicken.

These are enjoyable, but they mostly make me miss my trips to Yakinori for their Katsu.  

They do have the usual Pringles almost addictive factor so if you eat a whole tube to yourself expect to get cravings for more!

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