31 August 2020

Nuii - Dark Chocolate and Nordic Berry Ice Creams (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

These exotic sounding ice creams were recommended by a friend and were a little difficult to track down, to be fair I think I was just unlucky. My first trip to Waitrose to find them involved poor timing and a freezer failure in my local store meant no ice creams were available at all. I added them next to my Ocado order a week later and my whole order got cancelled by Ocado which was nightmare but gained me a compensation voucher but no food. So back to Waitrose and I finally found them, the freezers were fixed and I managed to get some other food too, phew.

So these Nuii Dark Chocolate and Nordic Berry Ice Creams sound rather exotic so I googled the brand to see where the name came from, the company that makes them is in Yorkshire so not quite as far away as the name suggests.

The ice creams are very dark in flavour, they consist of a dark chocolate coating with dried berries and a sauce and chocolate ice cream inside. I found the flavours in this ice cream very rich, there is a lot of strong cocoa and the berry flavour is strong too, but it battles for first place with the chocolate. I liked this over load of rich intense flavours together they were thoroughly indulgent. The dried berries in the chocolate were crispy, always impressive in an ice cream, and I enjoyed the texture too. These were a thumbs up, lets hope finding my second pack is easier then finding the first.

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