1 September 2020

Aero Festive Orange (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

I bought this bar yesterday, this is significant because yesterday was the last day in August which is of course a summer month. Heck it is only the first of September today, so why am I buying a bar decorated with snowflakes and called Aero Festive Orange. Also orange is now officially ‘festive’ this year in particular there are quite a few launches on the way (Cadbury’s Buttons) but I like chocolate orange all year, and I might not be ready for Christmas yet!

The bar though was lovely and nice to see it back on the shelves. I was pleased to see the bubbles inside the bar were the traditional orange colour and it looked smart and smelt lovely when I snapped a strip off. The chocolate bar is sweet with loads of sweet orange and it worked so nicely with the milk chocolate. This was a sweet and fruity sharing bar which because of the light bubbles is far to easy to munch on. I have always like the texture of Aero is soft but some how rather satisfying, the mint is always a favourite. I’ll picking up this Aero Festive Orange again though even if to me it is only later summer!


rp19 said...

So,this is basically an Orange Aero then.Only thing festive is snowflakes on the wrapper,disappointing they could have put some kind of spice in it surely.

cinabar said...

Orange and cinnamon would have been living the dream... oh well turns out 'orange' is now a Christmas flavour. :-/