8 September 2020

Walkers Classic Cheeseburger Crisps (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Walkers Classic Cheeseburger Crisps

These Walkers Classic Cheeseburger Crisps are not the first burger flavour crisps we’ve tried. I think with writing daily blogs for over ten years on snacking you have sort of tried most things, they aren’t even the first Walkers Burger crisps we’ve tasted, we had a couple previously; some American ones and some in the Max format. However we haven’t had any for a few years so I was looking forward to tucking in and seeing what the latest version is like. These ones are from a new range of Walkers which are mimicking restaurant foods, these ones from The Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

We shared some one lunch time with a sausage roll, it might not be a natural pairing but it seemed to work. The Walkers Classic Cheeseburger Crisps are pretty darn impressive. The flavour is very meaty and it has a wonderful car grilled taste that reminds me of a barbecued beef burger. Then there is the burger pickle flavour with is acidic taste and the creamy cheese flavour shining through and I think I have a new favourite flavour of crisps. They have a surprisingly complicated favour and it really does taste like a meaty cheeseburger with all the extras. These might not be the first cheeseburger crisps we’ve written about but these are definitely my favourite.

Walkers Classic Cheeseburger Crisps

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