13 September 2020

Sip Shack - Sky Juice (@NLi10) @SipShack

A friend of mine has a knack for spotting oddities in his local shops and bringing them to work for me to try.  Here we have a Sip Shack - Sky Juice - which is a fairly vague, still water based drink in a stylish glass bottle.  So cool it doesn't even claim to be a specific flavour, but the fruit circling the lips gives you a good idea.

So far, so intriguing.  Yet - we've seen a lot of cool branding just be water and some sweeteners.

It says to shake it - so I did!

Nice branding & a sleek product gets you to try a lot of things once, but they are basically just water and you never go back.

Not this time though - this is a little bit awesome.

Not only does this drink have a much more sophisticated texture to it - more like a fruit juice than a water drink - the flavours are deep and interesting.  While there are certainly sweet elements there is an undeniable fruityness to it too.  Like a red fruit desert in a high-end restaurant.  This isn't a children's froot shoot then - more like a sophisticated mixer for an epic night out, or the non-alcoholic refreshment at a picnic (if we could still have picnics).

My immediate response was to message said friend and get them to see what other flavours there are.  Seems from their Facebook that they've recently shown up in the usual cash-n-carry places around Birmingham, and for what appears to be a small local firm that's a great step in the right direction.

It looks like they also sell this flavour on Amazon  so if you are looking for something to wow people and you aren't in Birmingham England then that's an option too.  This is certainly good enough to give as a present.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if they can get a few more flavours at this quality then they could become the Fentimans of the none fizzy drinks world.

Ed: Pictures updated 3rd Dec as the drink is usually much more red than the first one I bought! (I've had a fair few now!)

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