30 September 2020

Nagozo Choco (Japan) By @SpectreUK

Nagozo Choco

I used to write about import snacks a lot in the past. I used to frequent the Indoor Market and other Chinese supermarkets in the city centre where I used to work. I browsed around in those stores that many times that I ran out of snacks and drinks that I wanted to blog about. A friend of ours brought back a few snacks from his trip to Japan. Cinabar wrote about the Macha tea flavoured chocolate sweets sometime ago (matcha sweets). These caramel chocolate sweets are my snack for this week's blog.

Nagozo Choco (Japan)

I probably sound more than a little bit 'old school' when I say this, but I was rather impressed by the Google translation tool that Cinabar used to take a photograph of the original Japanese packet, which translated onto a new photograph for you to see. I haven't seen that translation tool before on photos. It makes me think back to those blogging days of import foods in the past and wonder how many more snacks I could have tried if I'd had the App then, rather than wondering what some of them were on about!

Nagozo Choco (Japan)

I remember tasting one of Cinabar's mocha tea flavoured chocolates, which had a squidgy texture. I'm expecting these caramel chocolates to have that same squidginess. These Nagozo Choco chocolates are like an eclair with a milk chocolate filling and caramel chocolate coating. The inside is a milk chocolate jelly. On unwrapping the first sweet you can see from the photograph that they have a pretty design on the top. The outer coating is more like Caramac, which is a favourite of Cinabars. The inner jelly milk chocolate complements this outer coating flavour. However, Caramac and jelly milk chocolate aren't really my thing, so I passed the rest of the packet onto Cinabar to devour rather than me waste the calories!

Nagozo Choco (Japan)

Information on the packet; Each sweet is 32 Calories, with 0.5g of protein, and as far as I can tell from the photos; 1.6g of fat, 3.9g of sugar, and 0.007g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Nagozo Choco (Japan)

Nagozo Choco (Japan)


Mike said...

My favourite picture was the one where you actually cut it open to show us what is looked like inside. You know, for your review..

cinabar said...

Totally agree with you - that is my favourite part too ;-)

Amy said...

Oh! I am quite fond of Tirol Chocolates. If I'm not mistaken, I think those are the 'Kinako' (Roasted Soybean Flour) flavor with mochi inside.

On a side note, I stumbled across your blog back in 2013- thank you for all the interesting reviews! Your entertaining posts always brighten up my day.