1 October 2020

The Split - Online Waitrose Shop - Avocados that Aren't (by @NLi10) @theforagingfox

 Mummy and Daddy had a fight and have split up - Waitrose products are no longer on the Ocado store.  Middle_class_crying_emoji!

This means that if I want to get Waitrose things I either have to leave the house, or switch to a Waitrose online order - and maybe even cancel my Ocado Smart Pass!  I know this all happened Sep 1st (and today is Oct 1st) but I've been holding back on the online orders and using up things we already have.

I decided that we should do an order from each store and see how it held up.  The deciding factor on who went first was that Waitrose had loads of delivery slots, and Ocado had none.  So lets create an account and see what happens.

The interface isn't as good, even compared to the Web version of  Ocado, and it's not as natural to find things.  Some searches also brought up some crazy but fun products.  I searched for Avocado and found this.

This picture contains me and I don't like it.  Not only is it natural mayo, but they added lemon, somehow got avocado involved because mayo wasn't already fattening enough, then slapped a fox on the jar.  No idea how crazily expensive this must be compared to regular mayo. Don't care. Bought.

This is more seed than bread.  Correct ratio - straight in the basket.  This was on special too.

so soft!

Add some fox mayo

More lemon, this time in olives? Of course!

Yup - they are huge olives.  Red pesto just to make sure you have all the flavours.  This was within an hour of the shopping arriving (in fairness I couldn't have lunch till it arrived).  And it was on time (a little early) and while the driver was a bit rushed they seemed nice enough.  

We got charged for carrier bags (like Ocado) but unlike Ocado we didn't get money back for handing the bags back to the driver from last time.  Boo.

Overall some great food at reasonable prices and it's great to have some of my favourite things (Owl Beer!) back in the cupboard after so long.

We also found this on the avocado search.

It's just gingerbread and sugar, but it made a great cinema snack.

It's good to see that Waitrose have kept up the quality and while they may not be as effortless to use as Ocado they certainly had some fun quirky products to try.  I'm sure it'll start recommending them to me from next time, but the next order will be an Ocado/Marks & Spencer's one.  See you for part two in a couple of weeks.

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