3 October 2020

Brookston Premium Lager (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Brookston Premium Lager

This Brookston authentic American style Premium Lager states that it is "Perfectly balanced". The last time I heard that phrase was from the troll cook whilst he was making his snot broth in the Hobbit! Anyway, that aside, I'm sure this 4.5% volume Premium Lager is of the highest quality. It does state that it is "!00% Premium Quality", so I expect nothing less. However that's where the information on the bottle stops dead. There is no other guff other than lots of other "Premiums". So it should taste REALLY good! what does it taste like?

Even though it states "Premium" everywhere on the bottle, I'm hoping that this isn't a mass produced belly burping lager. It shouldn't be though as the bottle is screaming "Premium" at me from every direction I look at it. And it's a big bottle too at 660ml. It has 37 calories per 100ml, which is pretty whopping for such a big bottle. I know I've worked out a lot today and I've also just finished my first rather stressful week at work for quite sometime, so I could do with a big beer anyway!

On opening the bottle there was a pleasant fizz and the usual lager malts and yeasty smell tickling my nose hairs with the bubbles. On taste this lager has a herbal hoppy bitterness that bites away at my palate to start with. This crisp bitterness is soon smoothed by those sweet lager malts and a touch of yeastiness into the aftertaste, but only the merest touch. This is a flavoursome lager and the bubbles aren't too belch inducing. I'll enjoy the bottle and toast my next week at work. Hopefully I'll settle in a little better to a routine and figure out my "work - life - exercise" balance sooner rather than later.

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