12 October 2020

The British Snack Co Sweet and Salty Popcorn (@britishsnackco) #gifted By @Cinabar

The British Snack Co Sweet and Salty Popcorn

We were very kindly sent a bag of this Sweet and Salty Popcorn from The British Snack Co, but they are available from Amazon if you want to try them yourselves. I cracked open this packet for our film night and as it is Halloween month we were watching the classic The Lost Boys. The original cool vampire movie!

I may have ripped the bag to open it and turn it into a make shift sharing bowl, but it had rather smart and mad decorations. I was loving the funky cat, British shirt and the postbox, it was very bright and cool and very British. I think in the current Brexit / Covid climate it is good to support British firms. Inside the bag there was plenty of popcorn and no unpopped kernels which was a bonus.

The popcorn was fluffy but with a light crunch, so it had a really good texture. There was a decent amount of salt and sugar, and the mix worked well. It makes it more interesting to eat as each bite had a slightly different balance of flavours. I enjoyed the popcorn and I enjoyed the movie too, I’m pleased to say The Lost Boys is still a fantastic film if you are looking forward to what to watch this Halloween.

The British Snack Co Sweet and Salty Popcorn

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