29 October 2020

Nestle Trick-Or-Treat packs (@NLi10)

Halloween this year is going to be a little different, you don’t want to be eating things other people have been near - sealed goodies are the way. That is if people are even allowed out - I don’t think it’ll happen locally.

Nestles Christmas packs are pretty much ideal for this it seems!

Here we see KitKat but with flavours

Here are the flavours

They look and taste like baby KitKats! Not exciting, but solid.

Here we see the Aero version.

Same exact flavours! This time with no wafer. I guess the focus group chose these three.



Unnexciting to the max, but actually reasonably tasty for one bite. Perfect to hand to strangers at the door, then wash hands and retreat to bunker...

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