8 October 2020

Seasonal Jaffa Cakes - spooky, festive and pandemic?! (@NLi10)

 Jaffa Cakes are magical. They are a great way to bond with new people and turn any meeting into a race to eat as many as possible without looking greedy.  New flavours are always great as you HAVE to try them.

This year has been an odd one so I think they have just dumped everything in store at once so here’s what we picked up.


5 zesty orange cake bars? Yes please!

And with a day of the dead theme they evoke Pixar movie comparisons more than scary things. I approve!

They are quite little

Purple is a lot of fun, but these taste the same as normal. Great style, and the same great flavour. Just too small. Not worth chasing down, but enjoyable alternative.


After non-scary Halloween we get non denominational Christmas. I approve again. This should upset no one while being pretty cool. I am excited to try these.

With only 10 in the pack these will go faster than the old dozens will.  (Ok - bad picture - imagine a Jaffa cake).

Looks like a slightly redder jelly bit. And to me it tasted almost identical. The younger people in the office got quite excited by the cranberry flavour they could taste though, so I think my old jaded tastebuds just needed to eat more.

Nice, not overpriced compared to normal cakes (except for these aren’t multipacks)


Hint at future review here too!

So - whether this is just a good choice of what to put on special, or a cunning way of saying that three cakes is a portion, but here are individually wrapped Jaffa cakes ready for an office full of lab workers to share without risk of cross infection.

In my head these are overpriced, because snack packs usually are, but 18 cakes for £1.29 when it’s usually just under a pound for 10 seems fine to me.  I should have got these too!

We were very careful to tip the cakes out of the packets into peoples hands and not to fondle all the cakes as we handed them to people to try. Here you are sanitary and keep everything fresh too. Great plan.

Not very exciting offerings this year, but with solid flavours and no jacked-up prices I can see myself dipping back into these (especially if the post spooky ones end up in the discount section as usual!)

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