11 October 2020

Capsicana Latin Flavour - Mexican Chilli & Honey Fajita Kit - veggied (@NLi10)

We like meal kits, and luxury meal kits are basically a take-away that you cook yourself.  I'm happy to spend a little bit more to get a luxury experience.

I'm not sure where we got this from, probably Co-Op as it's got the great taste logo.

Cook stuff, add sachets, heat the pancakes and done!

This has a lot of spicy goodness, and is vegetarian (contains Honey, which the bees can't be asked to give up voluntarily so not vegan).

The contents of the box are really unimpressive, it's just brown goo and tortilla!  They folded the tortilla to make the box half the size - this is smart and I approve.

One big bowl of chopped veggies - and some tomatoes for the salsa

You cook the veggies a bit, add the big sachet, then let them marinade.  Meanwhile you chop the tomato and mix it with the spicy, spicy salsa.

We added squeezey guacamole.

And here is the result!

See how thick those tortilla are!  These are luxury indeed and so much more satisfying than the generic meal-kit.

The sauce wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped, but was really nice and something I plan to have again.  The salsa was a little too spicy for my partner which meant that after I'd finished my two wraps I got to eat the rest with a spoon which was amazing.  A bit tangy, but worth it.  No wonder I can't taste some other more delicate things anymore.

Like usual, I think i'd try more in this range before bouncing back to the original.  And maybe be a little more prepared - onion for the insides and tomato puree for the salsa would have made this even more special.

Staying in is the new going out so maybe we'll get chance to try these sooner than expected!


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