18 October 2020

Co-op Brownies and Cadbury Darkmilk Buttons (@NLi10)

As a treat a friend dropped off these brownies and a bag of Darkmilk chocolate buttons - and suggested that we combined them!

Co-op bakery in the UK is good, they make a nice balance between the actual bakers shops (remember those) and the supermarket mass baked things.

Take Brownies and place a couple of buttons on each one.  Ideally you'd put 4 on each but I'm greedy and ate most of the buttons the night before.

Nuke the brownie in the microwave for about 10 sec - I did 20 as I put two in, and you can just see here the resultant melting that happens after you let it settle for a minute or so.

Another minute later and you can spread the button choc out with your fork - the science at work here is very tasty but requires a little patience.  At this point you could add the ice-cream if it wasn't all gone.

Hooray - good for trick-or-treaters that aren't going door to door this year and an important lesson about putting sugar based things in the microwave. less is more!


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