5 October 2020

Melting Hot Chocolate Bombe (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

Melting Hot Chocolate Bombe (Co-Op)

Today we had a large online order delivered where we stocked up on lots of things, and as we unpacked it soon became apparent I had forgotten to buy any bread. Christmas scented air freshener refills - check, something you actually need for lunch tomorrow - fail. I forgot to buy any ham too, weirdly the four tubes of toothpaste (they were buy one get one free) aren’t that appetising. This meant that I still had to make an emergency trip to my local Co-Op to buy essentials that I forgot, not sure where my brain has been recently.

In the Co-Op there were one or two new Christmas bits but as it is a small shop not that much that grabbed my attention, except for these Melting Hot Chocolate Bombes. I love hot chocolate, I’m happy to drink it all year but I totally understand that the varieties increase in the colder months. I snapped up a couple of these, my perfect way to cling on to the weekend vibe. Each one consists of a large ball of chocolate that is filled with marshmallows. You place one in your mug and pour on hot milk, it then dissolves and the marshmallows are also released floating to the top. It is fun to make and it is fun to watch it dissolve!

I supped my drink while watching Stranger Things, because frankly that programme needs something soothing and this did the job perfectly. It made a rich rink with plenty of marshmallows. The taste was good, lots of chocolate and a nice creaminess that was just what I needed. I may have messed up the online order but it seems every cloud has a silver lining.

Melting Hot Chocolate Bombe (Co-Op)

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