11 September 2020

After Eight: Gin Tonic & Mint (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

After Eight: Gin Tonic & Mint

This year has been a trial, the area where I live is on the edge of a second lockdown as cases of the dreaded Covid rise. Somehow we have managed to keep blogging, every day we have written about something new or interesting which is quite impressive particularly when you think back to the early days when people were struggling to buy toilet rolls! Anyway this is something quite exciting, not quite enough to forget about the dangers out there but at least enough to bring a smile to my face whilst gaming and snacking on a Friday night. We have a new Limited Edition flavour of After Eight, is there anything posher sounding than After Eight: Gin Tonic & Mint edition. I’m not sure there could be a more middle class chocolate snack if they tried.

The box is beautiful too, it is nicely decorated and even enticing on the inside. The After Eight chocolates are lovely, they are mostly mint and not that different to a regular After Eight, but they do have a gorgeous aftertaste. The flavour is a little bitter, a little citrus sour and a little floral at the end, just so you know you have the different edition. These are nice easy to eat, and true to the original minty goodness. Yum. I think it is important to enjoy the little treats too at times like these. Here is hoping these After Eight: Gin Tonic & Mint edition chocs fuel me through gaming this evening, I have a Call Of Duty Warzone night planned, and may they bring us luck (we need it).

After Eight: Gin Tonic & Mint

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