10 September 2020

Terrible British Lunches - Rustlers Tex Mex Beef & Chickpea Combo Burger (@NLi10)

Here we have Exhibit 3 in the Terrible British Lunches series - the new Tex Mex Beef & Chickpea Red Pepper & Onion Combo Burger - with spicy salsa.  Even without eating the thing that's a mouthful!

Decent use by date - I got this about 3 weeks before deadline.

And packaged well enough to survive been shot into space - but easily recyclable.

Here is the pre cooking (microwave 80 sec) but grill-lined marked patty.  And it's not just beef.  This is an interesting hybrid of a daddy beef burger and a mummy veggie burger, with a lot of other Mexicana thrown in for good measure.  Smells too meaty for those that aren't burger fans - and it might just be a little too veggie for the pure carnivores.  For me though this exciting mix of styles and flavours was the reason for this whole series - this sounded exciting.

And while we toast the buns - doing the posh version of the 'recipe' we can read the box.

Cook patty, toast bun, add red goop. Sorted.  It's a decent wodge of a days calories too.  Lets see if it fills me up!

Splodge! smells good.

Its a bit wonky.

And - while its a lot more Texaco than Mexico - it's got a good flavour, and is a nice lunch.  It's not quite filling enough for me - like with the other Rustlers I need a decent chocolate bar at about 3pm to make it home - but it's certainly not bad - and at £2 it's a justifiable pick-up.  

The Mexican hybrid idea keeps this interesting, with the salsa adding needed variety to the fairly flat burger (like the bacon did on the last one).  I'm genuinely not sure which of these I'd rebuy first - but I think I'm likely to try them all.  

So not a meal - but not a crime against snacking either.  I look forwards to trying some other imitations of popular burger varieties!

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