17 September 2020

Non-Dairy Cheese, and Fresh Dairy Milk (@NLi10)

 It’s a fairly simple thing, but fresh milk is just a little different to the milk we pick up from the shops.  Naturally with all the (very necessary) health steps involved you can’t really get hold of milk with grass in it, fresh from the cow. But you can have the farmer who owns your holiday cottage knock on the door and hand you a bottle of freshly squeezed, and freshly pasteurised milk - as in around 4 hours from cow to doorstep!

So - what’s the difference? Well, you don’t get all of the milk, even pasteurised milk from the store has the cream and such taken off, and the skimmed versions are even less milk.  This means that this is a lot thicker and creamier than you’d expect, but not quite single cream. It worked great with crunchy nut cornflakes, but was maybe a little overpowering for the tea.

A lovely gesture and a nice throwback to visiting my families dairy farm.

My veggie partner picked this up to go with her friends dairy free fajitas.

It’s basically coconut and other stuff, and really offputtingly smelling cheese like chemicals. I tried some in the interest of science and while it did have some of the cheese taste it was very sticky and lingered a little too much.  Not a fan.

I also managed to have scones (I am on holiday after all) with real cream - although I’m in Dorset so not really scone country. Great though!

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