21 September 2020

Mystery Brown Kit Kat from Japan (Amazon) By @Cinabar

Mystery Brown Kit Kat from Japan

Recently I bought a big box of mixed Japanese Kit Kats from Amazon. There are two of each flavour and a cute little menu to explain what the different varities are. Sometimes I go to it and do a lucky dip to choose a flavour and some (like dark chocolate) are not that crazy but some are super interesting. I picked out this one in a brown packet, found its partner and then looked for it on the menu, and it wasn’t there. Oh, this posed a problem. I have the Google translate app though so took a photo of the translation…. “oh tona sweet” I think something was literally lost in translation, I guess my tastebuds were on their own this time.

Mystery Brown Kit Kat from Japan

I opened up the Mystery Brown Kit Kat and it was a dark cream in colour with specks of dark brown so not really any clues there but it did smell like Matcha tea, even though it wasn’t the expected green. The packet for Matcha Kit Kat is also green so this isn’t the same. The flavour was sweet with hints of bitter that made me think of coffee, but the after taste was still like matcha tea. Curious, this bar has got me confused is there such a thing as Coffee Tea that would be my best guess!! This was nice, different and fun the have a guess at. If anyone knows what it actually is do please leave a comment below.

Mystery Brown Kit Kat from Japan


Anonymous said...

I think it's this...
Kit kat chocolate Houjicha Japanese black tea just seen it on ebay

Sophpea said...

It's black tea flavour :)
Spot on. Proficient tasting!
Looks delish.

Martin said...

Wait... You have a big box of random kit jars from Japan and not scoffed the lot in one sitting? +1 willpower! I'm ashamed to say I wouldn't be able to resist them 🤣

cinabar said...

Thanks for confirming, I'm so pleased it is tea flavour!!!! I know I said coffee as well but I was close. :-)

cinabar said...

Martin - yes I know we have been rationing them rather well, still have a fair few left. It is a treat picking some out though. :-)