6 September 2020

Terrible British Lunches - Rustlers Bacon Cheese Burger Minus The "Cheese" (@NLi10)

 Back to the office we all go! I mean - I've been coming in to the Hospital throughout the pandemic - it's kind of essential, but back to the office everyone else goes.  And back to school.  Isn't the endless commute so much fun!

And what do we have for lunch now we are back?  Well - I'm still avoiding the supermarket but I'm craving something more substantial than the Huel drinks I have (although those are really nice and really filling too - my lizard brain just wants to chew again).

So I got these. Part 1 is here

After the surprisingly edible chicken - lets try the bacon cheese burger.

Still only £2 and the beef comes from multiple locations. Not at all suspicious!

Here is our kit - burger - sauce tube - and yellow square.  The yellow square shall not be eaten today.  I might be crazy but i'm not really a fan of that one.

You are supposed to toast the buns - which is great as it keeps the bread out of the microwave. tick!

How appetising is that? Are we sure this came in plastic from Nissa?

I forgot to get a picture of the naked meat, but here it is all stacked together.  The signature sauce looks a bit gloopy, but otherwise it's all fine.

And it smells like a real burger, and tastes like a real burger too.  The big mac I mean signature sauce is the same 1-part mayo, 2-part ketchup that the fast food places give you and pretend is a revolution, but as in the retail places it works.  The bacon is British style and uninspiring but adds the needed umami to the deep flavours of the beef itself.  And it was a really enjoyable lunch again!

A little more of a faff to make in a shared kitchen than the chicken was, but not impossible.  I did get a few looks.

And yes - like the chicken this is a terrible British lunch in nutritional value not taste, but again I was still hungrier than if i'd had my Huel milkshake instead.  But that's why I bought Wagon Wheels as well!

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