7 September 2020

Fry’s Turkish delight Lemon (Amazon) By @Cinabar

Fry’s Turkish delight Lemon
Whenever you see the boxes of Turkish Delight, mostly around Christmas you find they contain two main flavours rose and lemon; and also an impressive amount of icing sugar but that is a different story. I like both flavours but Fry’s have only previously made their Turkish delight by in the Rose flavour, until now. I buy the pink bar quite often as a treat as I am a fan of Turkish Delight.

I was struggling to track this new Fry’s Turkish delight Lemon bar down, I really don’t get to shops as much as I used to, but again located this on Amazon. The bars are in a bright yellow metallic wrapper but are declared a Limited Edition which is a bit of a shame.

Fry’s Turkish delight Lemon

If you have tried the Fry’s Rose Turkish Delight these are the same in appearance, they are a small rectangular bar with chocolate that clings to the jelly but crumbles off fairly easily. The filling on this one is more yellow than pink but not bright in any way. The flavour too is mellow lemon, sweet and gentle citrus rather than a zingy sharp taste. The sweet lemon was lovely with the milk chocolate and I think Fry’s should make this smooth bar permanent, it is the natural sister bar to the original.

Fry’s Turkish delight Lemon


Frurry said...

they have these in poundland now too, spotted them today, they are also in B&M

Anonymous said...

Absolutely dreadful taste

cinabar said...

It does seem to be a bit of a marmite flavour, I liked it but it isn't a zingy blast of lemon.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love it and will be really sad if they stop making it as will all my friends xxx