18 September 2020

Walkers Las Iguanas Chilli Con Carne Flavour Crisps (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Walkers Las Iguanas Chilli Con Carne Flavour Crisps

I have a confession, I have never eaten Chilli Con Carne in Las Iguanas. I think I have only been to the restaurant once or twice and then it was for lunch. I’m usually quite familiar with the chain restaurants but we just don’t have a branch that near (cue NLi10 to tell me where they are in Birmingham?). Anyway I do like Chilli Con Carne so still felt ready to judge these new crisps from Walkers which have been released as part of the new restaurant varieties.

We had these with lunch to try them out, they have the usual Walkers light and crispy texture. The flavour is quite rich and meaty beef which always works for me. There was a nice amount of tomato mixed in too but the chilli heat was mild. These are flavoursome crisps but they are far from being hot, the spices are more seasoning than anything else. I’m not sure if that is the case if you have the meal in Las Iguanas but even me who generally complains if things are too hot would have liked a heavier kick of spice. Just a bit of warmth. So yes, nice crisps but not my favourite of the new range that still goes to the cheeseburger ones, they had a very full meaty flavour too but the addition of the relish and cheese nailed it.


Martin said...

They sound like my kind of crisps. It is a shame they are not a little spicier. On a side note, I've been to Las Iguanas before and didn't like it at all. Terrible bland food that you can tell is just reheated ready meal stuff. May as well stay home and microwave something. Crips do sound good though!

cinabar said...

I think we just don't have a branch near us, but yes decent crisps all the same. :-)