27 September 2020

3 Three's Egg & Cress Style (Vegan) Sandwich via @toogoodtogo_uk (by @NLi10)

Style.  Style is very important - in most cases it's all about a unique signature that denotes a membership to a specific group or faction.  Here it means fake.  A colleague of mine picked up some cheap sandwiches from 3 Three's Coffee using a waste reduction app (called TooGoodToGo) and had some lovely meaty ones - which were vegan alternatives.  

I'm very happy with meat alternatives - they are pretty much all we cook at home - but this one is a new one to me.  A vegan egg sandwich.

It certainly looks like an egg sandwich - and had my friend fooled - he'd not even considered that while it is veggie - an egg sandwich isn't vegan.

There is all kind of stuff in here - but the important one is the tofu for that is what the white bits are.

It'd certainly pass the plate test.  You could feed this to non vegans and they may not spot it.

The cress is indeed real (we checked).

And the bite?  While a little softer than my favourite egg sandwiches it's certainly passable.  The texture is a little wrong for eggs, but is a really nice crumbly tofu instead (which is great for me - but may freak out non tofu lovers).

The 'yellow' appears to be a light mustard/turmeric blend and is also pretty awesome.  

Overall - I like this style - This is something that I could definitely pick up for lunch again should I be in range of the cafe, and a great advertisement for their business and the waste reduction app.

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