2 September 2020

Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate (Ocado)nBy @SpectreUK

I realised this afternoon that I've mentioned how much I like a white hot chocolate drink every other evening. It used to be every evening until I started counting calories. I realised that with the milk added to one mug of Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate equates to roughly a pint of beer, so now I have beer the next night and alternate that way. I usually use the white hot chocolate to wash down some biscuits or a chocolate bar.

Okay, so here's how it's made every other evening for me, as I have staff (Cinabar) for that sort of thing. First you need a mug. I always like my Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate in my favourite Tiger 131 mug from the Bovington Tank Museum. 3 heaped teaspoons of white chocolate mix is around 20g, and that goes into the mug first. Cinabar mixes this with a little dash of cold milk. Then heats for 30 seconds to break up the mixture. Then she stirs a lot and adds another 200ml or so of milk (which is around 100 calories) onto the chocolate and dash of milk mix, and heats for 120 seconds, stirring again thoroughly.

There's a soft velvety creaminess to this Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate. It oozes white chocolate flavour washing it soothingly all over my tastebuds. No matter how tough my day a Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate just washes sophisticatedly away any troubles just for a little while. Unlike any other hot chocolate drink I have ever tasted with or without milk, this Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate actually tastes like I'm drinking a white chocolate bar. Mmm… just looking forward to one every other evening pleases me no end. I can tell you without doubt that if you like white chocolate and you like hot chocolate, this Whittard's Luxury White Hot Chocolate is most definitely for you too.

Information on the tub; Per 20g serving is 91 calories, 3g of fat, 15g of sugar, and 0.2g of salt. The ingredients are; sugar, cocoa butter (15%), skimmed milk powder, whey powder, dextrose, salt, and flavouring emulsifier: E450 (Diphosphates).

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