3 September 2020

Terrible British Lunches - Rustlers Chicken Sub (@NLi10)

Back to the office we all go! I mean - I've been coming in to the Hospital throughout the pandemic - it's kind of essential, but back to the office everyone else goes.  And back to school.  Isn't the endless commute so much fun!

And what do we have for lunch now we are back?  Well - I'm still avoiding the supermarket but I'm craving something more substantial than the Huel drinks I have (although those are really nice and really filling too - my lizard brain just wants to chew again).

So I got these.

And I know it's probably unfair to call this Miniseries Terrible British Lunches before I've gone through them all - but it's a fairly good term because there are much better options at least health-wise out there.  I even got some Pepsi to go with it.

And front and centre and first up is Rustlers Chicken Sub - so called because it's a substitute for a real chicken burger.

Here is the nutrition & direction.  Put in microwave and nuke! Only it's not - you have to put it in it's little sleeping bag and turn it half way.  Interesting.

Sweet dreams little sub!

And we get this.  Smells authentic.  Needs a condiment.

Budget mayo! (included)

All looks a bit over processed and odd really.  Tastes good though - more like a chicken sausage than a chicken fillet, especially with the Euro topping of mayo.  So - less memories of KFC or Subway and more memories of German Christmas markets.  And I'm sure I've paid a lot more than £2 for a lot worse there.

Nutritionally a terrible lunch, but one I actually quite enjoyed.  Even the bread wasn't too squidgy or hard after being in the microwave.  I could happily have this again - which surprises me.

Still hungry afterwards though so not ideal.

Bonus rushed lunch!

Here is the Chicken and Bacon Pasty.

These are probably great from the oven but microwaved are always disappointing

More filling than the chicken Sub though - but they just make me wish we had a Greggs on site (or an M&S!)

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zeddy said...

I had one of those chicken and bacon pasties.
I thought it was rank!
I normally like their Cornish pasty too.