5 September 2020

Sunday P/Ale Beer (Waitrose @AndUnion) By @SpectreUK

Sunday P/Ale Beer

I have to admit that this is one of my most troubling blogs to date. I've been writing blogs on Foodstufffinds for more than ten years. I've written several hundred blogs about all sorts of things, and this one… right here… is troubling me the most. "Why?" You may ask… Well, Sunday P/Ale is marketed on the back of the can as "balanced & gently spiced, easy-like-Sunday-morning pale ale." So why would something so laid back be bothering me so much? It's because I'm drinking it on a Friday night! It's the beverage version of wearing "Tuesday" socks on a "Saturday", or having a "Sunday Roast" on a weekday. This is that serious…

Here's another thing… Some of you may be able to look back to the 1960's and '70's when they had those sporty cars such as Triumphs, and they used to have them painted bright colours such as "sunshine yellow" and "antiques dealer orange" to make them stand out interesting. Well this can is bright orange and it's probably the most boring looking can of beer I've ever written about. Some of the elaborate artwork on cans of beer that I've written about in the past put this Bavarian pale ale to shame. So all I can think is that every bit of all the "interesting" has to be in the taste… Right?

On opening this tedious looking bright orange 5.5% volume Sunday P/Ale there was a good deal of spice on first big sniff. So much spice in fact that I started to wonder if there may be a little rye in there, but it wasn't listed in the ingredients. Besides on pouring this Sunday P/Ale was definitely gold, whereas rye beers have a luscious red tint to them. Oh, I miss rye beer… bring back that year of everybody producing rye beer please! Anyway, back to Sunday P/Ale…

I remember the good old days when I was a heavy drinker in my youth. Okay, so that's probably not a good thing to look back gladly on and besides, to be honest with you, I can't remember that much about those years, but at least I didn't have to count calories and only have one beer after a crazy workout session! I just didn't put so much weight on back then if I walked passed a cake in a shop window.

Anyway, every Sunday morning I'd have a fry-up to get over my hangover from the Saturday night of boozing and dancing the night away in clubs and pubs. It never crossed my mind to have a "hair-of-the-dog" on the Sunday morning at that time. This Sunday P/Ale perhaps is that Sunday morning hangover cure I was missing out on. This does what it says on the boring can. Sunday P/Ale is "balanced & gently spiced", but I'd go a little further and say that this craft Bavarian beer is finely and expertly balanced. It's difficult to pick when the sweetness from the pale malts stops and the spices from the herbal hops start. The balance of both flavours easily stroked my tastebuds right from the start and carried on giving into the aftertaste. I noticed pretty quickly how moreish this Sunday P/Ale is and how I soon forget that I was drinking it on a Friday night. Mmm… "easy like a Friday night when you're 45 years old, avoiding pubs in lockdown, and counting calories after a 3 hour workout!" I'd recommend you enjoy a few too, hair-of-the-dog or otherwise.

Sunday P/Ale Beer

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