4 September 2020

Heinz Smokey Baconnaise Sauce (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Heinz Smokey Baconnaise Sauce

What happens if you mix bacon and mayonnaise, presumably you get Baconaise? Well curiously enough I had a look at the ingredients listed on this new Heinz Smokey Baconnaise Sauce and there is no bacon, disappointing. There isn’t a definitive label saying that this might be suitable for vegetarians but the ingredients imply there is no bacon which is some how disappointing. I realise that it might be a bit odd if it contained bacon, there would be storage issue for a meat product etc but it is called Baconnaise.

That aside, we had this sauce as a dip with some breaded chicken. The flavour worked really well, although not bacon the mayonnaise is sweet from tomatoes and has plenty of smoke, which was lovely with the chicken dippers. I found myself scraping the last bit of sauce off the plate too, it was really tasty. It wasn’t meaty though so it sort of missed the point, but as a smokey mayonnaise it works perfectly.

Heinz Smokey Baconnaise Sauce

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zeddy said...

Tried this a couple of years ago and thought it was quite nice but never got around to buying again. I think we bought on special offer.

Have you tried Heinz Truffle Mayo?

Now that is excellent!