23 September 2020

Dayglo Skies Alcoholic Soda (@CrookedBevCo) By @SpectreUK

Dayglo Skies Alcoholic Soda

I have no idea where this Dayglo Skies Alcoholic Soda came from. I know it originally came from the Crooked Beverage Company, but I'm not sure if one of us bought it. I have a feeling it was from the last of the Degusta boxes we had delivered at the beginning of this year, but I may be wrong on that. It's not something I'd pick up in a shop, and I doubt Cinabar would have either no matter how much I irritate her quite frequently.

When I saw this Dayglo Skies Alcoholic Soda languishing at the back of my beer fridge I immediately thought it was a beer, until Cinabar pointed out that it's an alcoholic soda. It's flavoured with raspberry and lime, which sounds like a summer treat, but with soda I'm not so sure. Cider definitely, but soda?

I have to admit that I don't believe I've ever had a soda, so I don't know what they taste like. Although apparently 'soda' is the American word for 'pop'… so if it's a lemonade type drink I've had plenty. This Dayglo Skies Alcoholic Soda contains malted barley and hops. It does sound like a beer, but it's a soda. I'm confused and I know the three colourful heads on the can look pretty confused too. This is a sparkling soda with real fruit juice, so none of that creepy plastic stuff you see displayed in wooden bowls in furniture shops!

At 4.7% volume this Dayglo Skies Alcoholic Soda is certainly strong enough to be a beer. Did I mention it has malted barley and hops in it? So it sounds like a beer, but on opening the can and pouring the strange pink super fizzy liquid it doesn't look like a beer. In fact it looks and smells like a child's fizzy pop drink. Does anyone say "fizzy pop" anymore? Oh, well… I'm a child from the '80's.

Dayglo Skies Alcoholic Soda certainly doesn't taste like a beer either. In fact I'm not sure it tastes of soda either. This pink alcoholic liquid smells predominantly of raspberries with a touch of lime, a tickle of malted barley and a dot of herbal hops. It's actually real good. I wanted to hate it and pour it away in disgust, but I can't stop drinking it. Sacrilege, I know… Don't worry, I'll be back on the beers in no time. The bubbles tickle my nose… Glug… glug… hic!

Dayglo Skies Alcoholic Soda

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