24 September 2020

Spice Tailor - Malabar Biryani - home meal kit - veggie modifications (@NLi10)

We like eating out to help out, but sometimes eating in to stay in your comfy clothes is required.

Meal kits are ace - they basically give you all the awkward bits and you do the personalisation.

Here we get everything except the veggies and 'meat' - the rice is included too!

Mughlai food is amazing, and all I need to do is add some coconut oil and some Quorn pretending to be chicken.

Easy as 1-2-3!

1.  Fry the dry stuff a bit to unleash it's power

2a Brown the Quorn so it sucks in all the flavours

2b - curry paste goes in!

and a little water to make it more of a sauce

3. plonk on the rice and play video games for 15 mins.

dinner!  Ok so i'm not getting presentation points from the judges - and the Quorn is a little brown on one side due to the nature of it.  Flavours are all still intact though, and lovely!

I wasn't sure if I should take the spices out so we had crunchy bits and a lovely chilli to eat too.  I didn't chop it up so it wasn't too powerful for my partner.

Worked great though - very little fuss and something you could easily do for the adults and then while it cooks do something less potent for the little ones.  Overall I do love this range of meal kits, and they are a lovely bridge between delivery food and doing home cooking from scratch.


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