26 September 2020

Rekorderlig Passionfruit Cider (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Rekorderlig Passionfruit Cider

I may have left this Rekorderlig Premium Swedish Cider Passionfruit flavour a little late in the year to savour. The weather seems to have turned here today, although not rainy it's certainly colder and windier. Good for working out and doing weights in the kitchen, not so great for drinking a refreshing summer fruity flavoured cider.

This pear cider blended with passionfruit was made from Swedish spring water. At 4% volume it is gluten free and Vegan friendly. The back of the bottle recommends serving this Rekorderlig Passionfruit over ice and with a squeeze of lime. Well I'm afraid I'm all out of lime and I've got the heating on at the moment trying to warm me up after cooling myself down from my hot bath earlier, so I'm all out of ice too.

I miss the sauna and steam room at the gym so much that I've taken to having a really hot bath to start with to soak up all the heat. I generally overheat pretty quickly possibly due to the amount of exercise I do, so I then get rid of more than two-thirds of the hot water replacing it with cold to try not to sweat so much after I've washed myself down and got out of the bath. There's nothing worse than getting out of a really hot bath and then sweating your own private shower. It always makes the bath so worthwhile!

Anyway, I digress… I thought I'd cool myself down further with a refreshing summery sounding flavoured cider. Rekorderlig Passionfruit has been sitting way too long in my beer fridge (er… cider fridge, ah… who am I kidding… beer fridge!). On opening the bottle there was a cheerful fizz and a strong smell of pears mixed with passionfruit. Strangely I was expecting this cider to be a pinkish colour, but it was more or less transparent. On taste this pear and passionfruit cider couldn't be mistaken for a child's pop drink. It's full of pear fruitiness with an alcoholic kick of a strong cider. There is a tartness at the back of the flavour from the blended in passionfruit just as my palate enters the aftertaste. This is a really lip smacking fruity flavoursome cider. It may not sound like a tough guy's drink, but I can't see why anyone would dislike it. I hope I can pick up another bottle or two of this Rekorderlig Passionfruit in the future.

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