20 March 2020

Choco Matcha Sweets (Japan) By @Cinabar

Choco Matcha Sweets

Today is an exciting day in the gaming world as it is the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. As I eagerly await the delivery of my game from Amazon Prime, a delivery I’m more excited about than the overpriced toilet roll which was also on the order, my thoughts turned to Japanese snacks. I have spent many hours of my life playing the original Animal Crossing, and what better way than to celebrate Japanese culture than trying out these Choco Matcha Sweets which a friend brought back from Japan (from a time when it was safer to travel) while I wait.
So the packaging is almost entirely in Japanese, but I know the sweets inside are flavoured with matcha tea, I’m still not that sure what to expect. The cute packaging doesn’t offer many clues for those of us not familiar with the language, my best guess was for some kind of chewy sweets.

Choco Matcha Sweets

Inside the bag were individually wrapped chocolates! They are green in colour because of the matcha tea but were a flavoured white chocolate with a filling that was jelly like but firm and chewy. The flavour was really good, these are creamy sweet chocolates with a nice hint of matcha tea, this is mild so still sweet. I loved the mix of textures, the white chocolate cracks and the jelly centre comes in to its own before melting away. I found these Choco Matcha Sweets rather moreish and they got me through some work teleconferences rather well. I think when the world gets back to rights I would definitely ask for some more of these, they are lovely but very different to anything we have over here.

Choco Matcha Sweets


Lisa said...

I haven't tried these, but the Japanese translates as "matcha mochi", i.e. the glutinous chewy rice desserts. However the ingredients list mentions gelatine before the mochiko (mochi sweet rice flour). So I guess this is some kind of chewy sweet/chocolate/mochi hybrid. Very unique!

cinabar said...

Thank you so much for the translation :-) They had an unusual texture, but I really like them.