5 March 2020

Stop Wrecking My Childhood! - Hula Hoops PUFT Salt & Vinegar (@NLi10)

Take a brand I know - and then slap it onto a new product that is tangentially similar to that brand.  Boom - nostalgia sales.  I remember Hula Hoops.  I remember them basically being Pringles (mushed up potato and addictive flavour dust) before the scientists at Proctor & Gamble engineered Pringles.

These aren't Hula Hoops.

Sure they look like a hoop. And it is Puft.

These are round French Fries.  Except - they aren't.  French Fries are Walkers.  French Fries have a distinct fluffiness and hardness on the outside, and they are satisfying - these are not.

I'm not sure what they are doing with crisps these days, it's like the calorie restrictions have tilted the recipes and the portion size downwards and nothing about it is satisfying.

Case in point - I had a bag of these open on my desk for the most of the day - with two of us able to dip in and snack away - and these aren't sharing size.  In the end I left a few overnight to finish tomorrow.  These are basically the quality of the tuck-shop crisps I used to get in the 80s at school - so the Nostalgia is real - but not in a positive way.

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