11 March 2020

Flipz Salted Caramel (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Flipz Salted Caramel

Cinabar has changed office location on Fridays to another town fairly nearby. She found a place a stone's throw away that sells freshly baked salted pretzels and generally has one for breakfast. I've never been all that fussed about pretzels. I know some people rave about them, but personally I prefer crisps. However I have had a few flavours of broken pieces of pretzels that were pretty good though.

Flipz Salted Caramel

As you can see from the photograph these Flipz are small bite sized salted pretzels with a salted caramel flavoured coating. It's funny because this morning I was lying in the sauna thinking that I should probably cut down on my salt intake, as I've been having a little too much lately. A few years back I spent a day in a spa going from saunas to steam rooms until my hands swelled up uncomfortably. Cinabar found out from the internet that this was because I'd been having too much salt in my diet. My hands did start to ache a little in the sauna this morning. Oh well, I'll start my salt diet tomorrow… Damn, I've got boiled eggs for lunch… Okay, Wednesday, definitely, Wednesday!

On opening the sharing bag there was a syrupy sweet smell from the multitude of small pretzels inside. Each pretzel was coated in a solid caramel sauce. The pretzels weren't sticky to pick up and the coating didn't melt on my fingers. There was a good crunch to these Flipz. On taste the salted caramel coating almost oozed over my tastebuds as I crunched through each pretzel. There was the sweetness from the caramel to start with, then its saltiness, then an almost biscuity flavour from the pretzel and also its added saltiness. These Flipz Salted Caramel are sweet and salty, moreish to the extreme and almost impossible to share. I can see myself eating these on a regular basis in front of a good movie or on a games night.

Information of the bag;
The 90g bag contains 108 calories per 22g serving, with 4.7g of fat, 8.6g of sugar and 0.2g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Flipz Salted Caramel

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