2 March 2020

Cadbury Oreo - Cadbury Coated Mint (Local Shop) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Oreo - Cadbury Coated Mint

My favourite Oreo biscuits are the ones that are enrobed in chocolate, my preference is for the white chocolate edition, but generally any of the ones with extra chocolate are a good thing. One of my favourite flavours to have with chocolate is mint, so when I spotted these Cadbury Oreo Cadbury Coated Mint I knew I was going to like them.
The back of the box shows they have been on quite a journey, the address shows Mondelez Australia, but the importer on the other side is from The Netherlands, these are well traveled biscuits and I’m rather glad they made it to the West Midlands.

Cadbury Oreo - Cadbury Coated Mint

Inside the box are six twin packs, and I opened one up to have a look. Thankfully the first thing I spotted was that the garish green colour on the packaging actually translated to a pale more appetising shade of green filling the biscuit. The flavour was good, nice sweet refreshing minty tones, and crunchy chocolate biscuit. The extra chocolate coating the biscuit makes these feel a lot more luxurious and a bit of a treat. The mint was sweet and well balanced. I know it is isn’t good for the environment but I do like the portion control of the biscuits in twin packs, it reminds me not to to eat the whole box and it is easier to pop a couple in my lunch box for work. I will enjoy munching through the rest of the box, I just wonder if I’ll find any more Cadbury Oreo Cadbury Coated Mint biscuits that have made it to British shores.

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